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Vision 2014 – Our First Impressions

21 September 2011 Kagiso Khaole

I delved into the archives in search of our original post on Vision 2014, we sought and yes we found! This article contains our initial views on the proposed plan to reinvigorate soccer in South Africa. The article is from August 2010.

First off, One Two would like to congratulate Mr. Pitso “Jingles” Mosimane on being named head coach of the South African seniors men’s national team. We wish you all the best in your attempt to revive the African football powerhouse that is Bafana Bafana.

And back to the matter at hand, Coach Mosimane’s Vision 2014: 10 Point Plan.

Point 1: “Scouting and monitoring of local and international players”

Hmmm… a number of us here at ONE TWO were very confused as to what this means. Is he saying that this was not being done before? Or was scouting limited to local player only? Or was monitoring limited to international players only? Either way, we hope that this means that Pitso will:

  • Scour the seas and faraway lands to find our long lost talent playing abroad (Phillipe Troussier style). The last thing we need is to lose another great talent like Mark Gonzalez to Chile but please no more Pierre Issa’s.
  • Unearth the finest new diamonds playing locally in the ABSA Premiership and National First Division (Shakes Mashaba style). Mr Mosimane was very clear, during a recent radio interview, that we can finally expect the likes of reigning PSL Player of the Year, Daine Klate, being given a decent chance to prove his mettle in national team colours.

Verdict: Agreed!

Point 2: “Interaction with coaches from the Premier Soccer League to discuss CAF/FIFA dates and player availability for the National Team”

This is a fair but important point, however, a discussion and workshop should be held between SAFA and the PSL. Only these two South African football “Powers That Be” can reduce the tension in the age-old “club versus country” player tug-of-war. A collaborative approach is required to ensure that key PSL matches are not scheduled around FIFA dates and PSL should allocate slots in their calendar for SAFA to organise international friendly matches. Once again, we’d hope that this has been happening already. If Pitso is looking for a month to spend with the boys in Brazil like Parreira, he can dream on, but if his aim is to foster a relationship with the head coaches of the PSL clubs, then go ahead Jingles!

Verdict: Agreed!

Point 3: “Interaction with the coaches both local and international about the plan and the vision”

“Dear Mr. Mark Hughes,

Given that you are Kagisho Dikgacoi’s coach at Fulham; I will therefore need to meet with you to discuss my vision for 2014. Please book 2 hours for us to sit and chat.

Kind Regards,

Pitso Mosimane”

Pitso’s intentions are in the right place with this idea but as they say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. The need for national head coach and club coach interaction diminishes as you move away from the domestic league towards foreign shores. His focus should be on creating these synergies in the PSL before attempting to conquer the world with his master plan. We give full marks to Pitso for striving to create an atmosphere of transparency in the land of smoke and mirrors, otherwise known as SAFA.

Verdict: Agreed, partially…

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