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Open Letter To: Daine Klate

12 September 2011 Nyiko Nxumalo

Dear Daine,

I meant to write to you sooner but I’ve just been busy celebrating a treble and another MTN 8 trophy.

You see Daine, when Dr. Khoza sent for you whilst you were still plying your trade on the not-so-glamorous fields of Tshwane, he knew exactly what he was doing and what he wanted to get out of you. Those who know the colonel will tell you that he never ever gets it wrong and I am not about to let you taint his admirable signing record.

Let me remind you bra Daine that everyone used to marvel at the precision with which you whipped in those crosses for Glen Salmon, Anthony Laffor and the likes to nod in while you were still under Gavin Hunt’s tutelage. A free kick was as good as a penalty to you as it often resulted in the goalkeeper picking the ball out of his net. It was all this and your ten goals or more per season that led to the Colonel requesting that the royal baggage be prepared for Floyd Mbele’s trip to Tshwane to bring you back home where you were meant to be.

I therefore find it unacceptable that not even once, since you joined two years ago, have any of our strikers scored directly from your cross or a goalkeeper picked the ball out of his net from your free kick. Instead, I have to constantly be tortured with scenes of you falling over your feet while attempting to take on defenders, something you were not born to do.

You will notice, dearest Daine, that nowhere above do I refer to your dribbling abilities, your defensive capabilities or your passing technique because that is not what the Buccaneers saw and liked in you. Not once did I see you while you were in Tshwane leave a defender lying down the way Sox would or whip out a defence-splitting pass ala Manyisa – No! That is not who you are or what you are about.

Now, Daine, because we love you too much and do not want to see you on loan at Bloemfontein Celtic or Golden Arrows, we have gone to great lengths to bring you a world class striker who will help you revert back to your game, the kind of game which got you into that famous number 7 jersey at Orlando. So here’s a few words from your kid brother: from today onwards, all we expect from you is the following:

  • Move into space, receive a pass from Manyisa and play a pinpoint cross into “the area”, Benni will do the rest.
  • When there is a free kick anywhere in the opposition half, please do me this favour- remind Lucky Lekgwathi that he was signed to prevent goals, not to attempt to be a free kick specialist. Kindly push him away and proceed to put the ball into the back of the net.

You know it, I know it, and the whole world knows that you are capable of doing just that.

As I end off, allow me to say to you ma se kind that you are not a dribbler or a passer, you are a crosser, a free kick specialist and a scorer of goals, so please start acting like one.

Sincerely yours,

Mr Stan (N. Nxumalo)

Update: Mr Daine Klate (@klatey) himself responded to this open letter.

Klate's reply to the open letter

  • Kgosi wa le Khosi

    Daine Klate hasn’t really come to the party for Bucs as yet, but the quality is still there. I think it might be the difference in approach of SuperSport versus Pirates. Pirates don’t really have players in box ready to attack a cross. So i don’t think he is entirely to blame for his change in play.

  • Mgarimbe

    class is permanent, klate will come good for sho! the problem will be is terminator gets back to form. who do you bench?

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