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FIFA Street 4 (Shibobo Trailer)

24 February 2012 The Touchline Expert

Kwetla, Spy-two, Shibobo will soon be available on your PS3 and Xbox consoles.

Outside of our borders, the rest of the world calls it the Panna or Nutmeg. Well now you can finally perform one of SA soccer’s most loved tricks in the upcoming FIFA Street 4 video game. Watch the FIFA 4 Panna (Shibobo) video below.

There’s is also a game mode dedicated to the shibobo. In the Panna mode, you earn 3 points giving your opponent a spy-two and 1 point for beating them (no, unfortunately not actually smacking them until they touch the fence like we used to do back in the hood) with an air trick. The points are banked but only count each time you score. If your opponent scores, then you will lose your banked points.

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